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Open Source Tools

General Disclaimer

While we do our best to only post reputable tools, we cannot feasibly inspect them all, and so we can't guarantee that they work as advertised. Use at your own risk. If you experience issues with them, please let us know.

About IAM open source tools

IAM is challenging enough on its own, no need to make it even more challenging by not using helpful open source tools. Check these out if you're looking for tools that can help make your life easier when it comes to IAM in AWS:

  • aws-sso-cli - A powerful tool for using AWS Identity Center for the CLI and web console.
  • AWS-Vault - A vault for securely storing and accessing AWS credentials in development environments
  • Granted - Command line interface (CLI) application which simplifies access to cloud roles and allows multiple cloud accounts to be opened in your web browser simultaneously.
  • saml2aws - CLI tool which enables you to login and retrieve AWS temporary credentials using a SAML IDP
  • AWSume - Awsume is a convenient way to manage session tokens and assume role credentials.
  • AWS IAM Identity Center - Permsission Sets and Assignments - This Cloud Development Kit (CDK) project provides the building blocks for automating permission management for human users. It does this through the AWS IAM Identity Center service (formerly AWS SSO). The project uses identities from the configured identity pool in AWS IAM Identity Center for user authentication and to control who can access what.
  • aws-orgtool - This Tool is to export your AWS Organizations structure, Policies to Json file and import structure, Secure Control Policies to another AWS Organization. During import and export a a log file is written so that the processes can be traced
  • Leapp - Leapp is a Cross-Platform Cloud access App, built on top of Electron. The App is designed to manage and secure Cloud Access in multi-account environments, and it is available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • - A crowdsourced AWS IAM permissions reference.