Open Source Tools

General Disclaimer

While we do our best to only post reputable tools, we cannot feasibly inspect them all, and so we can't guarantee that they work as advertised. Use at your own risk. If you experience issues with them, please let us know.

  • AWSealion - A (lightweight) tool to keep AWS pentests efficient, organized, and stealthy.
  • Enumerate-IAM - Enumerate the permissions associated with AWS credential set
  • Perimeterator - 'Continuous' AWS perimeter monitoring: periodically scan internet facing AWS resources to detect misconfigured services.
  • Pacu - AWS exploitation framework designed to test the security of AWS environments
  • FireProx - FireProx leverages the AWS API Gateway to create pass-through proxies that rotate the source IP address with every request! Use FireProx to create a proxy URL that points to a destination server and then make web requests to the proxy URL which returns the destination server response!