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About IAM

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AWS IAM Enumeration CLI commands

Retrieves general account information about including IAM users, groups, roles, and policies, and their relationships to one another.

These are meant to be non-destructive enumeration commands. They only retrieve information, they do not modify resources (unless otherwise specified). Official AWS Documentation

Note: most of these commands have many more options than are shown, but they are optional and left out because they're not that useful most of the time and only required for special use cases. Refer to the docs above for more details.


  • Each line that starts with aws is the command
  • The word immediately following aws denotes the service (ie: aws sts is calling the STS service, aws iam is calling the IAM service)

General commands


aws sts get-caller-identity
Example output
    "UserId": "AIDAT6ZKEI3E3J2XL4E5B",
    "Account": "921234892411",
    "Arn": "arn:aws:iam::921234892411:user/sm-enumeration-Julie" // (1)!
  1. :user/ tells us this is a user identity and not a role, which would instead be :role/

The "whoami" in AWS.

Returns details about the IAM user or role whose credentials are used to call the operation. While not an IAM command (it's an STS command), this is often the first command that gets used for IAM enumeration which is why it's included here.

No policy can deny issuing this command since it gives the same information when access is denied. More on that here.


aws sts get-access-key-info --access-key-id <value>

Provide the AWS account ID for the given access key ID. Only provide the access key ID, not the secret access key.

Note: if an access key ID starts with AKIA, then it means it's a long-term credential. If it starts with ASIA, then it means they are temporary creentials that were created by STS operations


aws iam get-account-authorization-details

General IAM account information

Gives a snapshot of the configuration of IAM permissions (users, groups, roles, and policies) and their relationships in your account.

User Enumeration


aws iam list-users

List users in the AWS account.


aws iam list-service-specific-credentials

Get service-specific credentials associated with the IAM user.


aws iam get-user --user-name <username>

Get user's metadata. Includes permissions boundaries!


aws iam list-access-keys [--user-name <value>]

List existing access keys for a specific user (your current user being the default if no value is specified)


aws iam list-user-policies --user-name <username>

Get inline policies for a user.


aws iam get-user-policy --user-name <username> --policy-name <policyname>

Get details about an inline policy.


aws iam list-attached-user-policies --user-name <username>

Get attached (managed) policies (instead of inline policies). These can be either AWS-managed or Customer-managed policies.


aws iam get-login-profile --user-name

Checks to see if the user has a login profile (password to log into the AWS Console). Returns the UserName and CreatedDate, which reflects the creation date of the password

Groups Enumeration


aws aws iam list-groups

Get a list of groups in the AWS account.


aws iam list-groups-for-user --user-name <username>

Get groups related to a user.


aws iam get-group --group-name <name>

Get a group's details.


aws iam list-group-policies --group-name <username>

Get inline policies of a group.


aws iam get-group-policy --group-name <username> --policy-name <policyname>

Get inline policies of a group. (The difference between inline and managed policies)


aws iam list-attached-group-policies --group-name <name>

Get attached (managed) policies for a group (instead of inline policies). These can be either AWS-managed or Customer-managed policies. (Inline vs. managed, and AWS-managed vs. Customer-managed policies)

Enumerate Roles


aws iam list-roles

Get roles in the AWS account.


aws iam get-role --role-name <role-name>

Get details about a specific role.


aws iam list-role-policies --role-name <name>

Get inline policies of a role. (Inline vs. managed policies)


aws iam get-role-policy --role-name <name> --policy-name <name>

Get inline policy details.


aws iam list-attached-role-policies --role-name <role-name>

Get attached (managed) policies for a role (instead of inline policies). These can be either AWS-managed or Customer-managed policies

Enumerate policies


aws iam list-policies [--only-attached] [--scope Local]

List policies [--only-attached] is optional and will list policies only if they're attached to an IAM user/group/role

[--scope local]is optional and will only list policies that are Customer-managed, not AWS-managed.--scope` AWS would be the opposite


aws iam list-policies-granting-service-access --arn <identity> --service-namespaces <svc>

Get list of policies that a user/group/role can use to access a specific service.

Example: aws iam list-policies-granting-service-access --arn arn:aws:iam::123456789012:user/UserName --service-namespaces eks for EKS


aws iam get-policy --policy-arn <policy_arn>

Get details for a specific policy.


aws iam list-policy-versions --policy-arn <arn>

Returns information about policy versions for a specific managed policy, including which one is the current default version.


aws iam get-policy-version --policy-arn <arn:aws:iam::123456789012:policy/example-policy> --version-id <v1 or v2 or ...>

Get details for a specific policy version since policies can have multiple versions.


aws iam list-entities-for-policy --policy-arn <value>

Lists all the IAM users/groups/roles that the managed policy is attached to.



aws iam list-mfa-devices [--user-name <username>]

Get list of all MFA devices for a specific user. If no user is provided, AWS auto determines the user based on the access key ID.


aws iam list-virtual-mfa-devices [--assignment-status <value>]

Get list of all MFA devices in the AWS account

Can use optional --assignment-status to filter by Assigned, Unassigned, or Any (the default)

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